Storm GeyserEdit

  • Level 1
  • Class:
  • Hits: n/a
  • Range: n/a
  • Damage: n/a
  • Cost in Storm Power: n/a
  • Energy to Build : n/a
Stormgeyser The coagulation of the Geyser into Crystal form is like watching white fire turnto ice." --Unknown

Storm Geysers spew Storm Crystals which Transports collect for you and return to Temples (or Outposts) for processing. Several Geyser islands appear at the opening of each battle, and more will be generated as Storm Power is hurled up from the Furies' battle below.Unless set otherwise during multiplayer confrontations, each Storm Geyser contains 2000 units of Storm Power.

Note: A Ground or Aerial Transport sent to collect Storm Crystals from a Geyser will continue to collect Storm Crystals until the Geyser is depleted.

Unit geyser

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