Terminology Although Nimbian culture is similar to ours, several of their terms carry subtle connotations you must understand before you can use them effectively. This is , by no means, an inclusive list, but here are some of the more common terms used by the Nimbians:

  • Building: This term encompasses Temples, Workshops, Altars and Outposts.
  • Unit: describes anything (except buildings or bridges) created or placed in Netstorm.
    • Health Bar:
  • Battle Unit: A sub-category of the term 'unit' encompassing all units that are placed in the Battle window for purposes of waging war or defending. Thunder cannons, Whirligigs, and Bulwarks are examples
  • Transport: A sub-category of the term 'unit' encompassing all units that collect Storm Crystals, capture enemy High Priests, and learn Spells .
    • High Priests perform the functions of Transports, but are much more powerful than the average Transport, since Priests have the ability to construct buildings, Pray and Sacrifice enemy Priests. Also, High Priests can not capture other High Priests.
  • Generator: A sub-category of the term 'unit' encompassing all units that produce Energy. Each Generator produces one unit of Energy specific to the Generator's alignment (Wind, Rain or Thunder).
  • Energy: A source of power, given off by Temples and Generators, allowing the existence of units in the sky-battlefields of Nimbus. There are three types of energy: Wind, Rain and Thunder. 'Sun Energy' is another way of saying 'any type of Energy'.

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