• Anignment:Wind
  • Level 1 upgradable to 3
  • Class:Production
  • Hits: 4000
  • Range: n/a
  • Damage: n/a
  • Cost in Storm Power: 1000 Crystal
  • Energy to Build: n/a

Workshops build the units of Battle. Each workshop can only build a few units, and they must be aligned with the workshop, so choose carefully. Unfortunately, if a workshop is destroyed you will loose the ability to build anything that workshop was currently producing, until you build another workshop to replace it.

When a workshop creates a unit, a Storm Power Stream streaks from the Workshop to the build site. When the power Stream combines with the proper energy the unit will be immediately created.

Wind workshops produce wind units. They have twice the hit points of theSun Workshops and are slightly more expensive.


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